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Ready solutions at affordable prices

Base of loyal customers

The consumer in France is very conservative, does not willingly change his habits. Buying a ready-made company, you get a loyal customer base, the formation of which the former owner has spent many years.

Smart approach to legal expertise

The main motive for the sale of the company in France is the owner's retirement. In this case, you can not hurry and thoroughly work out the financial and legal expertise. Upon completion of the transaction, there is always an opportunity to negotiate with the owner, for some time, continue to lead the company or become a consultant.

Reducing the risk of failure

When buying a ready-made company, you significantly reduce the risk of failure of bringing business in an unfamiliar country, on the contrary, by introducing new knowledge and experience, you can successfully develop the beginnings of the previous owner.

Save time

You do not waste time and money on obtaining possible permits and licenses.

Saving money

Buying a ready company, often, you really save. The opening up and development of business from scratch will turn out to be much more expensive

Additional services provided by our company

We will not only pick up the company based on your wishes, but also provide comprehensive assistance at various stages of the transaction:

Conducting legal due diligence and financial audit of the company

Preparation of a contract for the purchase of our lawyers

We will prepare documents for obtaining residence permit, we will offer tax optimization options

We will assist in the selection of personnel

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The site is not a complete list of companies offered for sale. Many of our customers prefer not to advertise the fact of selling their company. Write the requirements for selecting the business you are interested in (business scope, financial indicators, region ...) and we will individually offer the most attractive offers.

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